I was born and raised in São Paulo, in my beloved Brazil. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and live in Rockridge, a place where people greet each other on the street, chat in line while at the grocery store and walk together from BART.

I thrive in creative collaboration with clients, community and in seeing ideas come alive. I believe flexibility, communication, strong work ethic and respect leads to an uplifting environment and successful projects. I work with natural light because of how it feels; the impetuous ways it falls on objects and people. I take many creative approaches to capture it at its best.

I love little details and all things beautiful: a hand written note, a flower bouquet from the garden, fresh air from early morning. I also adore my 2 nieces, Lori and Oli. 

When not photographing, I am planning events, teaching yoga, day dreaming about my next travel and encounter with family and friends.  

I have an Architecture and Urban Planning Bachelor degree from Mackenzie University, Brazil; I spent a year as an International Enrollment Student at the College of Environmental Design at UCBerkeley, and I received an AA in Photography from San Francisco City College.  

Send me an email or call if you would like to schedule your next photo session with me. Looking forward to meeting and working together! 



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